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The World's FIRST Ride On Wheelbarrow - R A T stands for Ride on, Articulated, Tipping Barrow. Its patent applied design is a world first giving the user a safe and stable ride with incredible maneuverability, with loads up to 200kg.


Rat barrows biggest feature is its simplicity. The key start Briggs and Stratton engine with automatic choke and fixed throttle means a quick start every time even on frosty mornings.

The single variable speed pedal for forward and reverse makes operation a breeze. A large 7lt fuel tank reduces the need for regular refueling, and a transparent fuel gauge window allows the operator to see fuel levels at all times.

Tipping large loads is made easy by the balanced load, free tip design. Taking lawn clippings, horse manure or garden pruning’ s from A to B has never been easier. The Rat Barrow has no problem with heavier loads such as fire wood, soil or sand and feed bags can be transported and or tipped with ease. A sturdy tow hitch at the rear enables a Rat Barrow designed trailer to be attached which also tips, doubling carrying capacity.

  • 98cm (38 inches) wide – 2.3m (7.5 ft) long
  • Powered by a key start Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Easy driving with Tuff K46 hydrostatic transmission
  • Black Hammertone steel frame
  • Carry up to 200kg (440 pounds)
  • Gross vehicle mass of 400kg (880 pounds)
  • Top speed of 10kph (6mph)
  • 3.5m turn radius
  • Polyethylene tub 150 ltrs (40 gallons)
  • Articulated body means ease of access into small spaces
  • Suitable for inclines up-to 15 degrees
  • Easy forward tipping tub
  • Winner of the Commonwealth Bank Innovation in Agricultural award at Farmworld 2014.
  • Winner of the 2013 Bendigo Inventor Awards for Agricultural and Environmental Sustainability.
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Easy to load and transport from site to site!

By: on 8 October 2023
6k is an out lay and hard to justify until you’ve used 1. As for your average house hold they are a novelty to have. Yet move into the horse industry or gardening and landscape industries even on a rural property these come into there own. Yes there’s other options ( ride on trailer, or the pocket wheel barrow that’s self propelled) however moving the other options from site to site is pure hell. You need ramps and a fully dedicated trailer for a ride on and it’s trailer. Or for the pocket wheel barrow. It’s just to heavy for a Ute and sketch as to load. These are easy to load and transport from site to site, cause less damage to existing lawns when handling fully loaded. Plus rat barrow started out in a small country town supported the local people and economy I know of 2 people personally that have built these. It also encourages the kids to actually help out with a few chores like firewood ( not just at home but also it’s light enough to take out to the firewood block) horse poop collection, and even top dressing the lawn. Let alone all the other bits and pieces. As for the down side it’s purely the up front out lay. However if you employ staff on average at $28.50 p/h it will take roughly 19 months to recover that cost in wage and time savings that’s in a general light labour industry. In my industry we are dealing with logs in excess of 100+ kg and moving them from backyards to road sides it’ll take me roughly 12 months to recover my costs plus it’s reduced the risk of back injuries and fatigue to the fellas. This in turn means we can work 5 days a week and still have energy to play up on weekends not just recover. Review from Facebook.

Five stars from me!

By: on 7 October 2023
I am on 10 acres with horses as well as a large garden, wood fires and the rat barrow is absolutely perfect. The whole family literally use it every day at home. There is a whole range of uses including getting wood, feeding the horses, carting, leaves, and pruned branches around, cleaning out stables, carting around sand and gravel, carrying my tools while fencing– the list goes on and on One of the greatest features of this product is the brilliant manoeuvrability that allows you to get in and out of tight spaces which is really helpful when you are getting into stables with sawdust etc - I used to use a ride on mower with a trailer, but it’s just not built for the task and much harder to manoeuvre plus the inconvenience of having to hook up trailers etc – it just wasn’t built for that but the rat barrow is. Five stars from me!

Highly Recommend!

By: on 7 October 2023
I absolutely love my Rat Barrow! This gem has made my gardening tasks a breeze. It's user-friendly and sturdy. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to save time and effort in their outdoor chores! It’s never felt easier moving heavy loads around the place.

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