About Us

Peter Boulton invented the RAT Barrow for his wife Michelle. They own and run a 300-head dairy farm in Gippsland.  

Peter and Michelle are also horse enthusiasts, camp drafting most weekends during the season. They spend a lot of time feeding horses carrying buckets, and pushing wheelbarrows. Their property also has a very large garden requiring constant maintenance, and the homestead has two wood fires that are the only heating, constantly burning wood. 

With the idea of making something for his wife to make feeding horses, pruning the garden and carting firewood more time effective and less labor intensive,  Peter pulled an old ride-on lawn mower over to the shed and sat it next to the wheelbarrow. He looked at them side by side and the RAT Barrow vision was conceived. 

Within a few weeks he had built a prototype, and with the support of his wife Michelle, Peter built a work shop on their property.  

AgBoss purchased Peter Bolton’s RAT Barrow business in October 2021 and will continue to manufacture the RAT Barrow at their engineering plant in Albury. AgBoss is a well-established business that supply a range of Agricultural & Hardware products into independent Rural Ag stores throughout Australia.  

AgBoss will continue to maintain the quality of the RAT Barrow that has made RAT Barrow a leader in the small acreage space that Peter has built his reputation on.